The countryside along the  I-15 north into Montana is so much like Idaho that we didn’t even know we had passed into Montana. NMBL “Are we in Montana?”. Me “I don’t know. Why?”. “Oh. Nothing. Just saw a sign that said something about invasive species in Montana.” We really didn’t find out for sure until the next rest stop had the obligatory “You Are Here” spot pinned to the Montana map. I guess we’re here.

Much of our travel along the I-15 was uneventful. We met a couple of guys from Texas who were riding their Harleys to Alaska. They asked us about what to expect in Canada, getting across the border and all that. We met up with them again at a rest stop restaurant and chatted briefly again. I hope they have a great trip.

When we did make another rest stop by Opportunity and Anaconda (yep), the “You Are Here” map gave me a great idea. By this time we had transitioned off the I-15 north and onto the I-90 west. If we went along the MT 1 we could bypass a big chunk of the 90, get back into a National Forest, and camp for cheap again. We were once again on a secondary and weren’t going to lose any meaningful time. The cherry on top was that we found the Lodgepole Campground for a grand total of $6.50 for the night. No showers but it’s way cheaper than last night’s K.O.A and the hang is so much better. NMBL got some good pics which will will be going up in the photos section as soon as possible.

We’re both tired but feeling better. This evening will be good for both of us. I’m going to get a campfire going. We haven’t done that yet this trip.

DES out.