I talked with our camp host, Charles, this morning. He’s a great guy who is absolutely passionate about the best places to travel and camp in Montana. He had some fantastic suggestions for roads to ride and no places to go. Specifically he suggested we get up to Glacier. We’re going to have to make our way back to Montana for more traveling. There’s just so much to see and we didn’t have enough time to see it.

We got ourselves fed, coffeed, packed, and back onto the MT-1 for a nice morning ride. Charles suggested we stop in Philipsburg on our way back north to the I-90. It’s supposed to be a quaint little mining town that has remained itself as a tourist place. Unfortunately it was only ten minutes down the road and we really wanted to keep on riding. We waved on our way by.

The morning’s fun ride was quickly over. The best rides always are. Being back on the Interstate wasn’t too bad. Going through Montana was better than Utah because it was much quieter on the freeway. Fast, but quieter.

We have found ourselves in Massoula Montana at the Zootown Brew cafe. First off, Massoula is a university town so it’s liberal and eclectic. Zootown Brew is the perfect liberal university town coffee shop. There’s good coffee, free wifi, and power outlets everywhere. It’s exactly what we need. And the food is good too! It’s a fine place to give ourselves a moment to take a look at our route.

After getting back on the road we pushed through to Coeur d’Alene, ate at Dennys, and and were off again. Our route planning in Massoula had us going through Spokane and off on the WA-2 towards Grand Coulee. It was going to be a more direct route to the 97 and it would give us a better ride on secondaries. Coming out of Spokane we rode the 2 through wheat fields. Just a straight line across hundreds of acres of wheat.

We have now found ourselves in Davenport Washington and we’re staying at a motel for the first time. It’s the Black Bear Motel, a little movie Western set type of place. We got the Parlor Room. Very cool! Plus we’re not the only motorcyclists here. The guys a few doors down have invited us to have some beers with them on the lawn. So, it’s off to the dépanneur (fine, the gas station) for some beer and chips. I think we deserve them.

DES out.