Like any self respecting website, we have a links page that we feel will be helpful for you. NMBL and I don’t get any money from anything we do on this blog which means you can click through with confidence.

Hammock Forums – Have questions about hammocks? This is the place to go. There’s loads of information on the Hammock forums. It’s also a great place to ask questions about the subtle art of hammocking.

Shugemery – Shug is an avid hammocker and YouTuber from Minnesota. This guy goes out in all weather, including the dead of winter. He’s an odd duck but he’s entertaining, full of great advice, and offers great tips. Enjoy his videos!

MCQBushcraft – Michael McQuilton is another solid YouTuber, this time from Great Britain, plus a hammocker, an outdoorsman, and a guy who has some great ideas about knots. Really, his use of knots for all sorts of things around the campsite is amazing!

Mosko Moto – Mosko makes some of the best motorcycle soft luggage out there. Their stuff is rugged, well designed, and exceptionally modular.  For those in need of durable touring and adventure touring luggage on their bikes, we highly recommend Mosko Moto.

Laam Custom Seats – After last summer’s trip we knew we needed touring seats. After a bit of a search we found Seth Laam. He takes the time to learn about you and your riding style before building your seat on the original seat pan from your bike. Awesome!

Loco Libre Gear – George Carr makes great hammocking insulation, meaning topquilts and underquilts. Check out Loco Libre if you don’t like being cold.

DutchWare Gear – Dutch is well known for his titanium suspension hardware plus tarps and ridgelines. You’ll see his stuff mentioned all over the Hammock Forums. He’s also got a very cool hammock out. Which we bought… we’re weak.