When you’re camping, good equipment is key. Especially when you’re limited to what you can take with you by the space in your pack or, in our case, the space on your motorcycle. Equipment must be light weight, durable, and easy to pack. It also has to serve its purpose very well. If the gear can’t do what you need it to do then it’s a waste of time and money… and nobody wants that.

Hopefully our equipment reviews can help you out along the way. We’ve got gear that goes with us on every trip, some that is more for “glamping”, and other pieces that are a must have on long road trips. Our reviews will give you the low-down on how we use what we have and whether we’ll keep something or change it out. We’ll reference the people we’ve learned from where we can as well as give a fresh perspective. That way you can learn from our successes and mistakes.

As always, we look forward to your feedback and questions on any of the posts or pages we write. Let us know what gear you’re using as well! We’re always looking for new items to make our treks easier and more comfortable.

Our reviews: