Here’s the stuff we have for our hangs. From ridge lines to hanging lights and Atlas straps, you’ll find everything hung up or strung up below. Any more experienced hammockers out there that have recommendations for these lists, definitely make a suggestion or five. For those who are rookies to the hammock experience these lists will help you get your start.

One great place to check out hammock camping along with the trials and tribulations of hanging is at the Hammock Forums. In particular, forum member Shug has some great suggestions and, wait for it…. VIDEOS! Anyway, the forums are a great resource for anyone looking to start or improve their hammocking adventures. There’s loads of great advice from so many great people. Check it out!

Now, here’s our stuff. We kept each setup in in the side bags on the reckless. NMBL gets one and DES the other. It makes things easy to deploy and repack each day. We have found that keeping like equipment together and independent saves a lot of search time through other bags.

Keep checking back as these lists will change as our gear and needs change.


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Rigging and Lights

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  • Biodegradable twine (sisal)
  • Sewing kit (plus Gore Tex repair kit)
  • Red MSR utility line (wrapped on modified credit cards)
  • Big Agnes MTNGLO tent string lights (2 sets)
  • Assorted carabiners
  • Coghlan’s mini LED lanterns
  • Figure 9 cord tensioners (ziploc bag)
  • 2 x boot bungees (ziploc bag)
  • 2 x 12″ bungees
  • Green Nite ize utility line with figure 9 (bundle)
  • Wire clothespins
  • Dental floss
  • Gorilla Tape on pencil
  • MSR “Ground Hog”  tent pegs
  • 2 x poseable area lights
  • 1m (3 ft)  retractable measuring tape
  • “Hang Calculator”  (tree-spacing gauge)
  • Deck of cards (not strictly hang-related)