We’ve broken our kitchen list down into a few parts. The lists are guides and what we take will depend on where we are going and how long we’ll be traveling. If you have things you just can’t live without, like us and our french press, then by all means put it in. If there’s something you think we should have, let us know! We’re open to all sorts of ideas for our lists.

We’ve figured out that much of our kitchen stuff fits neatly into the top bag on the Reckless. It’s easy to access and is all in one spot for quick deployment and repacking.

List 1: Food and Food Manipulators (Stuff food in your mouth things)

Food Manipulators
  • Tactical LUNCH Cooler
  • MOLLE holder 1 (contains nylon shopping bag)
  • MOLLE holder 2 (contains camo dry-bag for bear-hanging)
  • Collapsible whisk
  • Silicone / stainless steel spatula
  • Folding pancake flipper
  • Tongs
  • Folding can opener
  • Salt / seasoned salt shaker
  • Biolite stick breaker (aka “hand saver”)
  • Paring knife with sheath
  • Fork-end stick converters (make a toasting fork from any stick) (2)
  • Cutlery sets (fork / knife / spoon) (2)
  • Wire clothespins (for dish towels)  (2)
  • Cable saw (for preparing Biolite fuel)
  • Ziploc bags for dividing freeze-dried camping food
  • Trash bag (car-sized,  from rest stops)
  • Packs of freeze-dried camping food

List 2: Dishes and Such

Fire Starting Kit
Dishes, Fire Kit, Soap, and Accessories


  • Fire kit
    • Non-toxic pressed-fibre firestarter
    •  Swedish fire steel
    •  Waterproof Matches
    •  Lighters (including one torch-style one)
    • Pocket Bellows
  • Stove accessories kit
    • Biolite USB lamp
    • Biolite USB cable
    • Biolite small pot adapter
  • Stainless steel cups with lids (2)
  • Melamine bowls (2)
  • Melamine plates (2)
  • Green scouring pad
  • Camo bandanna as dish towel
  • Dish soap (good for hand-washing clothes too)

 List 3: Cook Set (GSI Pinnacle Base Camper)

GSI Pinnacle Base Camper
  • Large pot
  • Small pot
  • Frying pan
  • Handle (fits pan and both pots)
  • Small round cutting board
  • 3 Camo bandannas for dish towels (also protect Teflon surfaces when packed)
  • Collapsible bucket


List 4: Stoves

Biolite Stove