Finally. We’re getting these pictures up. There were so many to sort through that I was overwhelmed. Daunted. Still, it’s done and you can see a snippet of the trip from Vancouver to Regina and back. Three weeks on the road was great. NMBL and I were a bit let down when it ended. We could have gone for another three weeks!

First off we have a few shots of our ride to Waitabit Creek just outside of Donald BC and in Banff National Park in the Canadian Rockies.


Heading east on the Prairies was an experience. We dodged storms, got caught in a couple, and rode to the end of our communicator battery life. And the bugs!


On the way back West we experienced a little history of Earth through rock formations and Paleontology.


Back through the Rockies again and on down the continental divide to the East Kootenays.


The more we rode the Kootenays the more we wanted to stay. Toad Rock, hot springs, and gorgeous lakes all took us in.


Sadly we had to leave the Kootenays but not before some more enjoyable rides and camping. And a great burger!