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Colorado Adventure Day Eleven: Zootown

I talked with our camp host, Charles, this morning. He’s a great guy who is absolutely passionate about the best places to travel and camp in Montana. He had some fantastic suggestions for roads to ride and no places to go. Specifically he suggested we get up to Glacier. We’re going to have to make our way back to Montana for more traveling. There’s just so much to see and we didn’t have enough time to see it. Continue reading “Colorado Adventure Day Eleven: Zootown”

Colorado Adventure Day Ten: Montana Freeway 

The countryside along the  I-15 north into Montana is so much like Idaho that we didn’t even know we had passed into Montana. NMBL “Are we in Montana?”. Me “I don’t know. Why?”. “Oh. Nothing. Just saw a sign that said something about invasive species in Montana.” We really didn’t find out for sure until the next rest stop had the obligatory “You Are Here” spot pinned to the Montana map. I guess we’re here. Continue reading “Colorado Adventure Day Ten: Montana Freeway “

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