Willie Nelson has been going through my head the last few days. Darned ear worms. We’re sitting at our campsite near Donald B.C. relaxing for a bit. Saturday we set out on our three week tour through the Canadian Rockies and into the Prairies. The weekend was spent with family in the North Okanagan which always involves good company and good food. We’ll be back to visit them again towards the end of the trip.

Today took us along Hwy 97 north through Enderby and past Mara Lake. The ride was beautiful; I regret not putting the camera on my helmet for that stretch. We rolled on to the interchange with the Trans Canada, making our way east to Revelstoke. We were told about a great little coffee shop there called The Modern CafĂ© so, like the good west coast coffee snobs that we are, we made our way there. The Modern did not disappoint. They serve one of the best Americanos either of us has had! 
From Revelstoke we headed east. Our goal was to get to a place called Donald. NMBL had done some research and found a free B.C. Forrest Service campground called Waitabit Creek. This meant that we weren’t riding for as long as we had for most of our days on the road last year. Spending six or seven hours on a bike is hard work, especially when you go for two weeks straight. This year we decided to shorten our ride time each day. It’s so much better. Today was an enjoyable day of riding, going through the mountains and over the Rogers Pass. The campground was relatively easy to find and we got in at 2pm… that left us plenty of time to set up camp, have dinner, go for a walk, and meet some fellow campers. No stress! We didn’t go pillar to post leaving little time for anything else.

So here we are at Waitabit Creek. It’s lovely. NMBL and I couldn’t be happier. We’re currently both in our hammocks; she’s reading and I’m blogging. We had a nice dinner and sat by the camp fire while a bit of rain came down. It was a casual rain. The kind that no self respecting Vancouverite would ever open an umbrella for. A drop here and there. Noticeable, but not worthy of action. We were indifferent to it. The fire ignored it completely. The already swollen waters of the river moved by without giving it much notice as well. A completely unremarkable rain but an enjoyable evening.

We’ve lived on the coast for too long.

Tomorrow we ride into Calgary though this post won’t likely be up until we get there. So it’s a post from the past mostly in the present tense? Mostly. Now I’m just rambling. It’s time to sleep. By the way, this new hammock is excellent. It’s going to need a review. Soon.

DES out.