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The Best Midlife Crisis We Could Think Of


Random Weddings

Some of you will know this already; NMBL and I pulled the trigger last Tuesday and got married. It was small, quick, and featured a BBQ at our place afterwards. All in all it was great. A few close friends, a phone call from family, and a very pleasant ceremony at the Vancouver Law Courts.

So what does this have to do with motorcycling or hammock camping? Our “honeymoon” was a ride up the Sea to Sky highway to Whistler this past weekend. It’s a darned good way to spend a honeymoon. I highly recommend it.

DES out.

Pac Northwest Day 4: Homeward Bound

March 28, 2016, DES reporting.

We woke up to ice on our bikes and tarps. Woke up might be the wrong turn of phrase. The cold kept both of us from actually having a good sleep. Fortunately neither of us was damp from the rain/ice as that would have made things worse. Being in a hammock was great but I was having issues with my under-quilt in particular and my feet were freezing as a result, even with wool socks and my good sleeping bag. Continue reading “Pac Northwest Day 4: Homeward Bound”

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