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Pac Northwest Day 2: The Whoops and the Wee

26 March 2016, DES reporting.

So, the hammock camping advice out there in the interwebs tells you all about making sure you don’t hang too taut. But, I haven’t seen anything about hanging too loose. Nada. Nothing. My advice: don’t do it.

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Pacific Northwest Adventures: In the Beginning

25 March 2016, DES reporting.

Cozy now but didn’t get as far as we wanted to today.

We left home later than we’d planned, because of NMBL’s pressing need to repack (good results, though). The downside was that we hit that infamous Vancouver traffic and the dreaded border wait. Slow doesn’t even begin to describe the experience… note to self, self I said, don’t leave that late again! Get some shut-eye and get up bright and early. And no fiddling with packing.

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