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The Best Midlife Crisis We Could Think Of

It’s warm… ish; time to ride! NMBL and I are enjoying some coffee this morning, getting ourselves ready to head out for a bit of an aimless ride. We have a couple of destinations in mind but getting there doesn’t have to be direct or fast. The journey is more important today. We’ve had such a cold, wet spring that we’re just excited to get out for a decent ride. And enjoy our first motorcycle show of the year!

We’ll be heading to the Oil & Rust Motorcycle Show at the Ellis building on Main Street today. If you’re in Vancouver, come join us. There will be all sorts of great bikes plus a raffle for a restored 1977 Kawasaki KZ1000. The bike was rebuilt by Slick Cycle Works and looks absolutely amazing!! Plus Bikers for Autism will be there looking to encourage people to volunteer. It’s going to be a great day!

We look forward to seeing you there!

DES out.

Loco Libre Underquilts: The Unboxing

On Friday we received a very exciting email: a parcel was ready for pickup at our US post office box. Why was it so exciting? Simple. We only had one thing on order. Our Loco Libre Cayenne Pepper underquilts and Jalapeno Pepper topquilts! I can hear all the “Whuuuuut?”‘s. Lemme ‘splain. No. Lemme sum up. If you’ve read our review of the ENO Ember 2 underquilt (and other kvetching), you’ll know that I was less than happy with its performance AND design. NMBL wasn’t particularly enamoured with hers either. It’s just not a well thought out product. While ENO does have more robust offerings for underquilts, like the adjustable Vulcan, we decided to go with the made-to-spec Loco Libre offerings. They are well reviewed by other hammockers for their design and warmth. With a custom fit cost of only $10US more per underquilt compared to the Vulcan, we took the plunge. Continue reading “Loco Libre Underquilts: The Unboxing”

Snow on the Mountains

And eagles in the trees! Plus almost all the weather you could think would ever happen in March.

This weekend marked our first overnight trip of the year. We were invited to go camping at Porteau Cove Provincial Park with our neighbour and her four year old son, so of course we said yes. It’s a quick jaunt from home so we didn’t have to push ourselves through bad weather and, if the elements got really nasty, it was only one night. Continue reading “Snow on the Mountains”

NMBL and I have a bunch of electronic devices for touring that gobble up electrons at a rapid rate. Most important is our helmet-comm system. We like to be in constant verbal contact as we ride to communicate hazards, hunger, and just the absolute beauty of the countryside we’re riding through. We’re also keen to put up blog updates and keep in contact with family when necessary. Like many people we do like our electron consuming devices.

Plugs don’t grow on trees. So how do we keep everything charged and happy while we’re riding around and camping in areas where there aren’t any electrical outlets? Well, read NMBL’s review of our charging gear for some insight. She’s got a rundown of our stuff and a bit on how we use it. We’ve definitely got some good stuff but could you imagine a light weight, flexible solar option that can be integrated into riding gear? We can… any solar cell engineers out there want to take up the challenge?

DES out.

Wow! We’re really going gangbusters with the reviews. Check out my review of the ENO Ember 2 Underquilt in the latest post. NMBL has another review written and ready to put up. We’ll likely do that next week. Thanks for reading.

DES out.

It has been a while since our last blog post or site update. Winter does that to you when you write about motorcycle hammock camping. It’s been cold here on the West Coast of Canada… shut up Prairie people. We know it’s bloody cold out your way. We’ve had cold  weather by Vancouver standards and we haven’t been able to ride, let alone hang. NMBL and I just don’t have the gear for long term sub-freezing camping. And we’d like to keep the rubber side down. It’s a thing.

All teasing aside (we love the Prairie folk) NMBL has had a few gear reviews ready for the site so we got one posted today. She’s done a great job, putting in a few diagrams as well as crafting a fantastic description of the gear reviewed. Want to know what straps we recommend for hanging your hammocks on those big grow-y things (a.k.a. trees)? Then read her review! Here’s your hyperlink-y-thing: ENO Atlas Straps v Kammock Python Straps.

Just a quick housekeeping note: we’ve decided to do reviews as web pages rather than blog posts since we feel that they are reference material rather than consumption postings. If there are updates to reviews we will let you know through a blog post and link you to the changed page. I think that’s it. Chime in and let us know what you think.

DES out.

Some of you will know this already; NMBL and I pulled the trigger last Tuesday and got married. It was small, quick, and featured a BBQ at our place afterwards. All in all it was great. A few close friends, a phone call from family, and a very pleasant ceremony at the Vancouver Law Courts.

So what does this have to do with motorcycling or hammock camping? Our “honeymoon” was a ride up the Sea to Sky highway to Whistler this past weekend. It’s a darned good way to spend a honeymoon. I highly recommend it.

DES out.

You Brought All That on Two Bikes??!

It’s not all backwoods and adventure roads for us (although there’s tons of that too): sometimes we get on our bikes and take our hammocks out to party!

NMBL enjoying a chair hammock

Every year we go to a small, invite-only festival on beautiful Sasamat Lake, just outside of Vancouver.  At this annual three-day festival, pirate costumes and fairy costumes are de rigeur.  And what could be more pirate-y (or fairyish) than hammocks?!



This year, we didn’t just bring our two camping hammocks: we brought every hammock we owned, and turned our little “The Gallows” hang-site into a six-bed Hammock Village.  With the exception of the volunteer skeleton (see our image gallery), we brought the whole camp’s contents on two motorcycles, in one trip.  So many people who stopped by to check us out exclaimed, “You brought all this on two motorcycles?!?”   We must’ve heard that at least ten times over three days.

Continue reading “You Brought All That on Two Bikes??!”

We’ve added a bit of depth to our blog’s reach. With both Facebook and a new Twitter account (@MHC_CA) hooked into the blog we will hopefully catch the eyes of more people. We’ll see how it goes.

Also, NMBL’s bike went into the shop for its 45,000km valve adjustment on Saturday while I replaced both headlights on mine. The camping gear is all put away for now and we’re planning a day hang for next weekend plus a Labour Day long weekend outing. Heck, maybe we’ll even travel the 101 down the coast in September as well. Why not?

Please feel free to leave messages for us as we’d love to hear what you have to say about the blog and our travels. NMBL and I hope you enjoy our posts and pics.

DES out.

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