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We’ve had some fun!

NMBL and I have been riding as much as possible so we can be comfortable on our new bikes. And what’s the point of not riding when the weather is nice? Heck, it was so nice in January when the Vancouver Motorcycle show was on we just road out to the Trade Ex because we could. And we weren’t the only ones! There were bikes aplenty in the motorcycle only VIP parking right out front. It was a great ego boost as well since the big Twin got a lot of attention from people heading into and out of the show. Oh, and here’s the new one for 2020 (which I din’t buy). But I did buy a subscription to Motorcycle Mojo magazine! Continue reading “Vancouver Motorcycle Show, Weekend Rides, and Future Posts”

It’s not great. I was asked to write something for our summer edition of the staff newsletter at work. It was supposed to be an article but turned into this kind of spoken-word thing. Anyway, a little easy reading for you all before NMBL and I head off on our vacation this Friday. I hope you like it.

Continue reading “Motorcycle Poetry”

Hey all, we’ve been quiet for winter and a bit. We’re not gone, just working on another big project that is taking a lot of our time. It’s exciting but has taken a bit of focus from our riding and blogging. We don’t expect to do as much camping this summer as a result but we will get a bit in here and there. We have some new gear to try out so we’ve got to get reviews done of that stuff!

You’ve really been enjoying the reviews that we’ve put up over the last year. They are the most visited posts on the site. Thanks for checking them out. We hope that they are helpful to you. If you have a piece of gear that really works for you please send us a review. We’ll take a look and may post it as a guest review!

NMBL and I spent this morning getting some pictures up from last summer. You can find them on our photos page. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed taking them!

DES out

I finally got through all the pictures from our Tofino trip… just in time to head off to Pemberton and take some more. Plus there is some video I need to edit. Anyone got a suggestion for an easy to use video editing software for bloggers? I need something simple.

Anyway, enjoy the pics! They can be found here or by going to the Photo Gallery. You’ll see the link.

Thanks for checking it out!
DES out.

We’ve added a bit of depth to our blog’s reach. With both Facebook and a new Twitter account (@MHC_CA) hooked into the blog we will hopefully catch the eyes of more people. We’ll see how it goes.

Also, NMBL’s bike went into the shop for its 45,000km valve adjustment on Saturday while I replaced both headlights on mine. The camping gear is all put away for now and we’re planning a day hang for next weekend plus a Labour Day long weekend outing. Heck, maybe we’ll even travel the 101 down the coast in September as well. Why not?

Please feel free to leave messages for us as we’d love to hear what you have to say about the blog and our travels. NMBL and I hope you enjoy our posts and pics.

DES out.

It’s been a week since we arrived home from our five State tour of the US. I keep saying to those who ask that, while we didn’t have the trip we planned, we had the trip we got. It was pretty fantastic. The best part is that we each got  take that trip with our best friend. Personally, I couldn’t ask for anything more.

As you can see by the feature image, we logged 5139km on this trip. That’s on top of the many km’s we logged on the May long weekend and over Easter. We’ve still got more planned for this year as well. Both bikes need a bit of maintenance and we have a few bills to pay off from this trip, but none of that will stop us.

The two of us also have gear reviews to write. We’ll be doing a lot of that more through the winter months but I expect one or two before the end of summer as well. I also have a few maps to add to the blog posts so that you can see where we were during our trip and bring everything into perspective.

It’s time for me to pull the ribs off the BBQ, so this note is a wrap. Thanks for checking in on us.

DES out.

This is it. Our big trip, 14 days on the road starts tomorrow morning. We left Vancouver at 1:30 this afternoon and it’s now 9pm, I’m in my hammock at Birch Bay, WA, and I’m ready for bed. NMBL has just tucked in to her hammock, with the Handy Hammock set up on one end (see the photo gallery). It’s not an ideal hang for us as we’re in a State Park campground but it’s going to be fine. We’ll get a good night’s sleep .

It’s not the first day of the trip but it is the start of the trip. Tomorrow we’ll be in Hood River, OR and there will be an amazing ride to blog about and a spectacular hang to brag about. Stay tuned!

May 15th, 2016: side note.

So N and I decided to get ourselves an American post office box in Point Roberts WA. It’s a pretty popular thing to do for Canadians like us who live close to the border and have an aneurysm every time we order something from the States and have to pay the shipping charges. Shipping to Point Roberts: free. Shipping to Vancouver, less than an hour across the border: cost prohibitive. Continue reading “Point Roberts Day Trip”

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