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Motorcycling While Female

Motorcycle Camping While Female 2: Hair

A lot has been said about women’s hair and the motorcycle helmet.
Depending on the length of your hair, you have options.
When my hair was really long (past my waist), I opted for a single big braid in the back. That kept it out of my way nicely.
Then I thought it’d be fun to cut my hair way above my shoulders: sort of an Amélie look.  I thought it’d be fun,  but OMGz it wasn’t fun. I soon learned that hair trimmed to exactly the right length to fly into your eyes and mouth will,  when stuffed into a helmet, fly into your eyes and mouth inside the helmet.

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Motorcycle Camping While Female Part 1: Makeup

Pic taken in campground restroom to show minimal traveling makeup.
Many women don’t wear any makeup at all when motorcycling.  I understand that, and that’s definitely sometimes me.
But sometimes I want to [a] look better (or at least better-rested), and [b] benefit from the more-positive social responses people in Western societies tend to have towards women wearing makeup.
But who’s got time for a full face of makeup when there’s so much adventuring going on!?  (Also, wind and dust are going to make your eyes water on a motorcycle: you might as well face that fact.)  So it’s important to hit a good balance between practical and desirable.  Here’s where I go with that (all drug-store brands):

1 – Moisturizer (includes SPF)

This helps keep skin healthy and helps protect against wind- and sun- burn (which we take on daily when whizzing through the atmosphere at high speeds).

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