Motorcycle Hammock-Camping

The Best Midlife Crisis We Could Think Of


Survive the Ride

Some days you just have to get through the ride rather than enjoy it.

First Aid for Riders

When was the last time you took a First Aid course? Do you know what to do if one of your friends goes down on a ride? Do the members of the group know what to do if you go down?

No one wants to think about leaving their bikes, but it happens. Whether it’s due to weather, pushing beyond your ability, or an inattentive driver, motorcyclists get hurt regularly. Knowing some First Aid is helpful in those roadside emergencies and can even save a life. NMBL and I have both done First Aid training but our certifications have lapsed. This week we took the opportunity to update our knowledge specifically for riders. The local Mottorad dealership, High Road Vancouver, hosted a First Aid on the Road clinic  with a pair of paramedics who are riders themselves. Continue reading “First Aid for Riders”

Motorcycle v. Car Interactions

May is motorcycle safety month.

Being on a motorcycle is an exciting experience. Most of the time that experience is amazing. The Venn diagram with motorcycling and joy shows a lot of overlap. However, there are times when the overlap goes into the scary circle. This evening our ride home had one of those. Continue reading “Motorcycle v. Car Interactions”

Colorado Adventure Day Nine: North to Home

Also known as To Shower, Divine… comedy? NMBL and I will probably look back at this with fondness. Right now I feel like hell.

We made plans yesterday via Google Maps (the Devil in this Comedy) and worked out a day of riding that would only be just over three hours. We were both feeling rough from the food poisoning, so that short day made sense. Three hours plus a bit. Google maps had us in Spencer Idaho by then. That would be taking the I-15 pretty much the whole way. The idea of taking an Interstate was none too pleasant but we felt it gave us the best distance for time on the road.  Continue reading “Colorado Adventure Day Nine: North to Home”

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