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The Best Midlife Crisis We Could Think Of


Good Days, Bad Days

Some days camping is good. Some it’s bad. Some days motorcycling is good… most days it’s good. But a few can be bad.

Colorado Adventure Day Seven and Eight: Derailed.

We both got sick. NMBL not as bad as I but sick none the less. I spent two hours in the hospital getting two bags of fluids pumped into me intravenously. NMBL got away with some oral fluids and anti-nausea meds. Gail and Jim were our hero’s in all of this. They helped us out, Gail getting us to the hospital for emergency care and waiting and round until we were ready to leave. The two of them made sure we had everything we needed. If you have one reason you should go to Utah, it’s to visit them at Spanish Fork River Park campground.

It was a bad day save for Gail and Jim.  Continue reading “Colorado Adventure Day Seven and Eight: Derailed.”

Colorado Adventure Day Six: Bear Lake to Moab and all the In Between

NMBL and i slept well at bear lake. It was warmer than the night before and I didn’t freeze my hands packing up. We were on the road by 7:00 am and into Evanston Wyoming in about an hour. It was a nice ride down from Bear Lake. We stopped at Anna’s on Main for coffee and noms. We had an amazing sweet empanada. So delicious! It was made with kind of a shortbread crust. Took our time, recharged our devices, got some emailing done, and got back on the road heading towards southern Utah… though we had to ride the Interstate for a bit.  Continue reading “Colorado Adventure Day Six: Bear Lake to Moab and all the In Between”

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