A lot has been said about women’s hair and the motorcycle helmet.
Depending on the length of your hair, you have options.
When my hair was really long (past my waist), I opted for a single big braid in the back. That kept it out of my way nicely.
Then I thought it’d be fun to cut my hair way above my shoulders: sort of an Amélie look.  I thought it’d be fun,  but OMGz it wasn’t fun. I soon learned that hair trimmed to exactly the right length to fly into your eyes and mouth will,  when stuffed into a helmet, fly into your eyes and mouth inside the helmet.

While I was waiting for it to grow out again, I used tube-scarves for all my riding.  These had a tendency to make me look sort of flattened (which is not a good look on me), but they kept my eyeballs free of irritating loose hairs. When my hair wasn’t quite long enough yet for the big braid again, I could do two side-braids nicely.  Close French-braiding kept the flyaways down. After a couple of ons-and-offs of the helmet, it can get a bit fuzzy (with the fuzzy bits attacking my face inside the helmet again), and if I don’t want to take the time to comb and rebraid it, I’ll just resort to my ol’ friend the tube-scarf.
For dressier occasions (yeah, that does happen, even to motorcyclists), you can’t wear a bun in a helmet, of course.  So I favour an up-do sort of like this (although I don’t part my hair, so the elastic headband gets completely hidden in my version). This ‘do gets a little crushed by my helmet, but it takes just a few seconds to correct with my bare hands in my bike’s rear-view mirror when I take the helmet off.  Extreme glamping versions of motorcycle-hammock-camping have seen me packing along a butane-powered curling iron for the wispy bits!  Here I am with that ‘do a couple of days old (yup: I even sleep with it), after a fair amount of on-and-offing of the helmet and rather a long day:
Maybe someday I’ll be confident enough to rock extremely short hair (but probably not).  Until then, I’m happy with my options!