This trip has fewer days left in it than have passed but some of our best riding is still ahead of us. A big part of that is the 93 south through Radium and Cranbrook to Wyrie Lake Provincial Park. Right along the Continental Divide. A day of riding the Rockies; we’ll take it.

We woke up to clear skies at Bow River. After the usual breakfast and coffee we struck camp and headed out. The goal was to hook up with the 93 Interchange on the #1 west of Lake Louise. What we didn’t know at the time was that we could have continued along the 1A. Next time. We made a quick roll through Banff since NMBL had never been there. It’s crawling with tourists, ourselves included. 

Back onto the #1 heading west and in no time we were at the 93 intterchange. The 93 is a secondary highway that winds it’s way through the mountains from Jasper in the north to about the US border on the south end. We hit it at around the midway point where it climbs up from the Trans Canada, going through Radium Hot Springs and down to Cranbrook. The road was rough but incredibly scenic as we climbed to the summit on that stretch and down again into a deep mountain valley. 

It was nice to get back on mountain highways again. Corners and hills are much more interesting, and engaging, to ride than 100km of straight flat road. We did hit a large patch of road construction along the way on the B.C. side. Once that’s done the road will be incredible to ride. Even with its rough parts the 93 is still the best stretch of highway we have traveled so far this trip. 

We stopped for delicious burritos (Leo Burrito) then gas in Radium after riding some exceptionally scenic stretches. At one point on the way into Radium the highway carves right through a chunk of the mountain with sheer rock faces jutting up on both sides. On the other side of Radium the valley opened up a bit and we found ourselves winding along gentler roads south to Cranbrook.

After a quick gas and grocery stop in Cranbrook we were back on the road to Wyrie Lake Provincial Park. It didn’t take long to get there. In fact the entire trip today seemed faster than it should have and shorter than it was. That was likely due to the winding roads and beautiful scenery we encountered. We’re now comfortably ensconced at our site and enjoying some time in our hammocks. The hang was quick and easy as was dinner. What a day. I’m bushed.

DES out.