It has been a while since our last blog post or site update. Winter does that to you when you write about motorcycle hammock camping. It’s been cold here on the West Coast of Canada… shut up Prairie people. We know it’s bloody cold out your way. We’ve had cold  weather by Vancouver standards and we haven’t been able to ride, let alone hang. NMBL and I just don’t have the gear for long term sub-freezing camping. And we’d like to keep the rubber side down. It’s a thing.

All teasing aside (we love the Prairie folk) NMBL has had a few gear reviews ready for the site so we got one posted today. She’s done a great job, putting in a few diagrams as well as crafting a fantastic description of the gear reviewed. Want to know what straps we recommend for hanging your hammocks on those big grow-y things (a.k.a. trees)? Then read her review! Here’s your hyperlink-y-thing: ENO Atlas Straps v Kammock Python Straps.

Just a quick housekeeping note: we’ve decided to do reviews as web pages rather than blog posts since we feel that they are reference material rather than consumption postings. If there are updates to reviews we will let you know through a blog post and link you to the changed page. I think that’s it. Chime in and let us know what you think.

DES out.