It’s not all backwoods and adventure roads for us (although there’s tons of that too): sometimes we get on our bikes and take our hammocks out to party!

NMBL enjoying a chair hammock

Every year we go to a small, invite-only festival on beautiful Sasamat Lake, just outside of Vancouver.  At this annual three-day festival, pirate costumes and fairy costumes are de rigeur.  And what could be more pirate-y (or fairyish) than hammocks?!



This year, we didn’t just bring our two camping hammocks: we brought every hammock we owned, and turned our little “The Gallows” hang-site into a six-bed Hammock Village.  With the exception of the volunteer skeleton (see our image gallery), we brought the whole camp’s contents on two motorcycles, in one trip.  So many people who stopped by to check us out exclaimed, “You brought all this on two motorcycles?!?”   We must’ve heard that at least ten times over three days.

Found: one fairy bed

One of the great things about sharing hammocks is sharing the joy of hammocking: whether it was letting a friend snooze in the sunshine by the lake, or knowing that we provided a safe, cozy nest for a participant who was recovering from surgery, bringing hammocking to people who’d never done it before was surprisingly gratifying.  Letting folks try different things (like the Hennessy Classic Expedition, which is more of a pup-tent with a comfy floor than anything else) is also tons of fun.


Another thing we hear a lot goes like this: “Oh, I’ve got a hammock in my [garage/storage/attic], but I never really use it.”  Next year, maybe we’ll invite all these hammock-having pirates to bring them to the Lake, and we can put on a workshop; maybe we’ll bump the Hammock Village up to twenty beds! We’ll probably have to get more trees though.

DES out.