It’s been a week since we arrived home from our five State tour of the US. I keep saying to those who ask that, while we didn’t have the trip we planned, we had the trip we got. It was pretty fantastic. The best part is that we each got  take that trip with our best friend. Personally, I couldn’t ask for anything more.

As you can see by the feature image, we logged 5139km on this trip. That’s on top of the many km’s we logged on the May long weekend and over Easter. We’ve still got more planned for this year as well. Both bikes need a bit of maintenance and we have a few bills to pay off from this trip, but none of that will stop us.

The two of us also have gear reviews to write. We’ll be doing a lot of that more through the winter months but I expect one or two before the end of summer as well. I also have a few maps to add to the blog posts so that you can see where we were during our trip and bring everything into perspective.

It’s time for me to pull the ribs off the BBQ, so this note is a wrap. Thanks for checking in on us.

DES out.