We both got sick. NMBL not as bad as I but sick none the less. I spent two hours in the hospital getting two bags of fluids pumped into me intravenously. NMBL got away with some oral fluids and anti-nausea meds. Gail and Jim were our hero’s in all of this. They helped us out, Gail getting us to the hospital for emergency care and waiting and round until we were ready to leave. The two of them made sure we had everything we needed. If you have one reason you should go to Utah, it’s to visit them at Spanish Fork River Park campground.

It was a bad day save for Gail and Jim. 

The next day we felt good enough to head into town to hit a laundromat and see how we’d do on the bikes. Jim gave us good directions and we found the spot right next door to an honest to goodness gun shop. We’re in America you know. We got the laundry on the go and popped next door to see what a gun shop was like. We met  Darrell, Patrick, and Jeff (Darrells brother) at Sector Arms. The guys were kind, chatty, and helped us pass the time while laundry was going. They were even kind enough to let NMBL pose for pictures with a couple of impressive firearms! Thanks guys!

We finished up the day just relaxing, trying to get ourselves back into sorts. While the trip into town was a success, we were both very worn out today. I have my hydration pack beside me in the hammock so I can have a sip at night whenever I need to. Time to rest.

DES out.