NMBL and i slept well at bear lake. It was warmer than the night before and I didn’t freeze my hands packing up. We were on the road by 7:00 am and into Evanston Wyoming in about an hour. It was a nice ride down from Bear Lake. We stopped at Anna’s on Main for coffee and noms. We had an amazing sweet empanada. So delicious! It was made with kind of a shortbread crust. Took our time, recharged our devices, got some emailing done, and got back on the road heading towards southern Utah… though we had to ride the Interstate for a bit. 

And another break down. Just before Heber Utah my bike overheated. Could be due to the drop it had on the way up to Bear Lake. We had pulled off the highway for a break, I hit some soft gravel and got the front tire burried. The bike went down on the right side. We saw some coolant on the ground and after that the bike started riding hot. The tech said these bikes can run with little coolant though and wanted to check the fan. Sure enough it wasn’t running. That and my grip has been slipping causing the cable from the grip’s heating coil to wrap around the handlebar… no power on a twist. Double damn. Hopefully we can get on the road soon.

Having a burger at The Junction in Haber, right beside the motorcycle shop. If this thing doesn’t give me a heart attack nothing will. See the picture in the gallery when it all gets up.

The grip repair in Haber didn’t hold. Probably due to the fact heated grips are a bit stiffer than regular grips and a wire wrap just couldn’t pinch it enough. We got a ways down the highway, pulled off, and I removed the grip. I road the rest of the way into Provo like that and found an Ace hardware. NMBL picked up some JB Kwik Weld and I decided to fix the grip at camp.

We found Spanish Fork River Park campground along the highway to Price. I immediately set to fixing my throttle grip while NMBL made camp. She set us up in a nice cottonwood grove hat gave us some protection from the sun. We met the camp hosts, Gail and Jim, and had a nice chat with them. Jim gave me some zip straps to hold the grip in place while the epoxy set.

We were hungry so i busted out the thermos of stroganoff from the nigt before. I ate two spoonfuls of the left over stroganoff and NMBL had a taste. BIG MISTAKE! It had turned. We got rid of the rest and went about our evening, including a swim in the river. We had a final evening chat with our camp hosts (felt a bit queasy) and went to bet at quarter to ten.

Woke up a couple hours later to vomit furiously.


DES out… for the count.